International Women's Day at CCM | Meet Tina

Meet Tina – International Women’s Day 2024

For International Women’s Day 2024, we interviewed each of our women at CCM. To learn more about them, their past and how they find working in this automotive arena. Celebrating Tina, our Operations Director at CCM, this International Women’s Day! A mother of 4 and grandma to two, Tina inspires our team, especially our women.…

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New Qualifications for Team CCM | CCM Blog

New Qualifications for The CCM Team 🏆

At the heart of our business beats the collective strength of our exceptional team – the driving force behind our success. Recognizing their pivotal role, we prioritize the continuous growth and development of our employees through extensive training programs. Why do we invest in this? Simply put, we believe in harnessing the individual skills each…

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