Automatic Gearbox Repairs

CCM offer a full automatic gearbox repair service for all makes and models. Our staff across the group have much experience with automatic gearboxes, going back over 50 years. From a simple 3-speed auto to today’s electronically managed gearboxes, and complex DSG repairs we can help. Be it a simple oil service using the latest flushing equipment, up to full gearbox reconditioning – we have the staff and expertise to help.

Loan vehicles and collection services are available.

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Cars come in all shapes and sizes; luckily for us, automatic gearboxes are common to many different cars. That means we know our way around those gearboxes very well. Whatever your problem, there is a pretty good chance we have seen it before.

We can’t diagnose over the phone but we can offer a full diagnostic and mechanical report that allows you to understand what your gearbox requires, and we can at that point supply an estimate for repair. Don’t let the internet scare you – better to get a professional appraisal first. Many problems are actually well known and easily remedied.

  • Mercedes internal electric switchplates
  • Control units on Mercedes A & B class
  • Jaguar internal issues
  • VW DSG faults
  • BMW GM auto boxes
  • Volvo XC 90
  • Nissan Qashqai and Nissan Juke
  • Ford power shift issues

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Scope of Work:

CCM will happily accept all automatic gearbox repairs for all makes and models. Vehicles can be dropped at any depot, although for major gearbox work we will steer customers toward our Gatwick or Ewhurst sites.

If you are experiencing problems with your automatic gearbox then the first thing is to give us a call.

  • All makes and models of automatic gearbox repaired
  • Full diagnostic capability for fault finding and recalibration
  • Collection service and loan cars available
  • Modern gearboxes are complex beasts & we have the skills to tame them!
  • Over 30 years automatic gearbox repair knowledge
Automatic Gearbox Repairs

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