Main Dealer Service… at LOCAL prices.

CCM are a leading independent garage group offering car repair, MOT and specialist motor trade services across 4 locations in Surrey and Sussex.


The business has been trading for just shy of 30 years from its humble beginnings in Ewhurst, Surrey, where our head office still resides.


Today, CCM employs 26 technicians, mechanics, MOT testers plus a fantastic support team who maintain and service all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles, alongside technical and specialist services to the trade.

Most importantly for you, we like to say YES!

Following 30 years of training and investment at CCM, we have the staff, tools, technology, mechanical knowledge and skills to follow through on all aspects of car repair from a wiper blade to an engine rebuild we CAN help.

CCM are your best cost alternative to manufacturers main dealers in the area for all makes and models of vehicles, covering routine servicing, mot and all aspects of car repair.

Our competitive labour rates and combined knowledge create a solid foundation for best value car servicing.

We understand that you could be our customer for life, and we want to make sure that we build a relationship with you that means we become your trusted partner for all car-related matters.


  • Large fleet of courtesy cars
  • Dealer quality at local prices
  • Latest diagnostics equipment
  • Skills and knowledge of 26 lifetime professionals


At CCM, our mission started out with a simple objective, to repair, MOT or service as many cars as possible, for as many people as possible.

Today, our mission is focused towards our valued customers. We will try to understand what you expect from us, what your vehicle repair needs are and what you can afford. Once we understand these factors we can try our very best to repair or service your vehicle to meet the needs of a well-maintained vehicle, at a price point that fits your budget.

We know that communication is the key, as such we will always try to explain what needs to be done and do our best to estimate accurately what each repair will cost.

Given modern technology we use multiple forms of communication to keep you updated so please excuse us when we seem to want to know every possible way to contact you.

Looking forward, we strive to evolve with modern technology and remain a leading local alternative to the main dealer network, as well as a complete solution for your vehicle repair needs.



We want to be responsible for our actions and be accountable for what we do. Our aim is to be positive and polite to each and every individual that crosses our path.


At CCM we will use all means of communication to ensure that everything is done in our power to maintain a positive and healthy relationship with our customers, suppliers and staff leading to a positive customer relationship


We will communicate with our customers, and with each other, to provide the best outcome in each and every possible scenario. We will strive to find enjoyment in going above and beyond our customers’ expectations.


We plan and prioritise our service, repair or MOT workload. We are aware that others have certain areas of expertise and need to ask for help when required. CCM are a team. We will cooperate with each other and be flexible to achieve your goals.


We are true to ourselves. We are aware that mistakes happen and will be open about them, learn from them and move forward with the knowledge that we did our best as a team. As a company, we strive for self-awareness and mindfulness of others.


Maintain a high standard. We will endeavour to keep ourselves, our workspace and surrounding area clean, tidy and organised. We will turn up to work looking smart and tidy, with pride in what we deliver to each other and our customers.


CCM technicians and support team continuously strive to educate and train ourselves in any way we can to enable us to improve our skills and processes.


We only give promises that we are prepared to keep. At CCM if we cannot deliver, we do not promise.

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