If you are looking for an easy way to care for your motorhome then please read on as we’ve got a package designed just for you!

Your motorhome is a huge investment and we want to make sure you have all the information needed to take great care of it.

We did a survey recently and found that a quarter of motorhome owners don’t have their habcheck each year, and 18% weren’t even aware that this can affect the manufacturer’s warranty of the body.

This is why we have put together the ultimate motorhome care package. To make sure all motorhome owners are well informed and know how to keep their vehicle running smoothly and within the manufacturer’s warranty.

What's included in your package?

We’ve designed a package to get your annual MOT, engine service, habcheck and a loan car all in one, for just £537.50 + VAT*. A small price to pay for a year’s worth of peace of mind. Not only is this a great price, but we can also get all this work completed in just a single day, at one location.

If you are wondering what on earth a habcheck is, then scroll down to learn more!

*£537.50 + VAT is the average cost of this service but sadly it’s NOT a fixed price, although it is a very good guide. If we find that more work is required or any specialist parts that are over and above our standard package allowance, we will contact you for approval prior to work. 

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The habitation check is an approved yearly check used to ensure the habitation area is in full working order, nationally recognised by the NCC and AWS.

If you don’t have proof of having your habchecks each year, the manufacturer can void your warranty. Please note that the habchecks must be approved by the NCC to protect your warranty.

The habitation checks are an inspection of the living area of your motorhome. Think of them like your annual service, but just for the living part of the vehicle. Having this done annually even after the warranty has expired, ensures that your motorhome is safe for you and your loved ones to stay in. You wouldn’t let your family stay in your home if it were unsafe with a gas leak, for example, so give your motorhome the same love and attention.

There are seven main checks in the habitation check:

1. Damp

Whether in your home or motorhome, damp is never welcome. We will use specialist equipment to check for damp areas and identify any possible issues so you can be alerted to any issues before they worsen and become more expensive.

2. Electrical Systems

We will check both your 12V and 230V main electrical systems for faults. Including but not limited to, battery condition, lighting and sockets, charging circuit operation, fuses, circuit breakers and RCDs.

3. Gas Systems

We’ll check the gas systems for system leakage, appliance operation, ventilation and any other potentially dangerous issues.

4. Water Systems

We ensure that your motorhomes fresh water system is leak-free. We’ll also make sure that your water tank, pump, filter, pressure switch, shower, taps and toilet are all working correctly.

5. Bodywork

We’ll check all body panels, attachments, rising roofs, windows, seals and locks and hinges for their condition, operation and security.

6. Fire and Safety

We will perform a full and thorough test of all safety measures for your fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

7. Ventilation

We’ll thoroughly check your motorhome’s rooflights and the condition of their sealants, vents and windows to ensure they are free from any blockages and allow for the free flow of air.

Technically, no it isn’t. Not like your MOT is anyway. The hab check is more like the engine service you have. It’s not legally required but it is common sense if you want to have a vehicle that lasts a long time. It’s also much more cost-effective than repairing a fault that has been there for a long time. Prevention is always better than cure!

We have joined forces with HabCheck to make lives for our motorhome-owning customers easier.

HabCheck are approved by the NCC (National Caravan Council) and AWS (Approved Workshops). The AWS are the UK’s biggest group of independently assessed workshops and are seen as the benchmark of motorhome servicing across the country.

Only habitation checks done by NCC locations will uphold your warranty so it’s imperative that you choose a facility with this accreditation.

This is your annual engine service to keep that motor running smoothly for another year. The service includes 16 checks across your vehicle including, replacing the oil and oil filter, testing the brake fluid, a visual brake inspection, checking each tyre for damage, wear and pressure and more.

Whilst performing the service, we have the opportunity to spot any issues that may need repairing too.

CCM are a DVSA Approved Test Centre at all our sites. For camper van and motorhome MOTs it is best to book at our Gatwick or Cranleigh sites as we have bigger not ramps here to accommodate such large vehicles.

Save when booking together

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Remember, our ultimate motorhome package covers your MOT, engine service and habcheck and provides you with a free loan car for the day. All of this for just £537.50+ VAT.

Plus, if you are looking for somewhere to store your campervan whilst it’s not in use we can help with that too.

Models and Scope of Work

We’ve seen a huge variety of motorhomes and campervans before so if you can’t see your make or model on the list please don’t panic! Our team are well versed in these so no matter which model you drive, we are pretty sure that we will have seen the problem before. Give our team a call and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Our team of highly qualified technicians are here to help you get your motorhome in tip-top condition. We can assist you with the run-of-the-mill brake repairs and MOT testing/repairs, all the way to more complex jobs like welding and engine wiring issues.

Whatever you are facing, give our friendly team a call to discuss your woes and we will work tirelessly to get you safely back on the road as quickly as possible.

Save when booking together

Book online today to save £££'s