Can My DPF be Cleaned/Fixed?

Yes, all DPFs can be cleaned. Well nearly all, but we only see 1 or 2 a year that are beyond cleaning!

This involves a fairly standard process:

  1. We will carry out a fault code read and health check on your car to ensure that nothing is causing your DPF to get blocked. Typical causes are poor injectors, EGR faults and bad servicing regimes. We don’t want to clean your DPF just to have it blocked up again.
  2. Once we are happy that the car is running correctly and no fault codes are being recorded we can remove and clean your DPF. 
  3. At CCM, we use Carbon Clean DCS 20 cleaning machines, allowing us to use the built-in printer system to show pre-service/post-service results.
  4. We refit your DPF and check that your vehicle is running correctly and BOOM! You have saved loads of money when compared to a standard replacement

Common DPF Faults

What are DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters)?

Since as far back as 2009 when the Euro 5 emission legislation DPFs have been fitted to diesel cars.

The DPF is in its most basic form just a filter. Its purpose is to capture harmful particles produced by the combustion process and stop them from entering the atmosphere.

Over time and mileage, the filter slowly blocks up. Eventually, like all filters, it will require replacement or cleaning. Short journeys that do not really allow the engine to run at an optimal temperature negatively affect the DPF. Just as a poor service regime will also cause issues for your DPF

THE BAD NEWS – a new DPF can be expensive with some costing over £ 1,500 each plus the cost of fitting time  

THE GOOD NEWS – 99% of DPFs can be cleaned, typically at a fraction of the cost of a new unit  

Quick DPF cleaning

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How Much Does it Cost to Clean a DPF?

* Prices are for indication only, call us for a refined quote and best deals.

Job 1 – £94 + VAT – conduct a complete vehicle diagnostic health check to ensure no underlying issues with the engine

Job 2 – remove the DPF. All DPFs have differing removal times so removal prices vary between make and model. Please contact us for an accurate price.

Job 3 – £239 + VAT – professionally clean your DPF

Job 4 – refit your DPF, test drive and diagnostically check adaptions and that the DPF is performing correctly

For urgent DPF repairs, we can offer a while-you-wait appointment for £25 + VAT

Please note, an additional charge will be applied if the DPF is excessively dirty with grease and oil. DPFs must be cleaned before use in our machine as they can clog up the machine.

DPF Cleaning Machine at CCM Gatwick

DPF Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can clean all types, our only challenge is some lorry DPFs that are too big. But for those we can cut them down and reweld them after the cleaning.

For an off-vehicle clean we allow an hour of workshop time. Our busy workload means we can offer a next-day service level, or a while-you-wait appointment for an additional £25 + VAT.

Many online people offer a DPF removal and remap service but this is bad for the environment so we don’t do it. In Europe, we are seeking advanced emissions testing equipment now becoming part of the annual MOT test and that is already being considered by the DVSA in the UK. This will mean that vehicles without a DPF will not pass the MOT. Subsequently, as the vehicle owner of a vehicle with a removed DPF, you are back to square one and need a new DPF.

Sadly no, there is little to no point cleaning a DPF on a car that is not running correctly. We always promote best practices at CCM. So if we find issues with your vehicle we will discuss and quote with a view to doing the job properly.

100% yes! If it were possible to use this level of flushing equipment on the car then that is what we would do, but to run the detergent and cleaning process at these pressures the off-car solution offered by CCM really is the only way. We have tried both and we don’t offer the on-car as we feel that is a maintenance task and not a filter-cleaning task.

NOPE! The off-car cleaning is very different. This involves a test of the back pressure at the start of the process, followed by high-pressure jetting with specialist flushing fluid. Followed by a final cleaned pressure test and then drying of the unit… all this simply cannot be done on the car.

There are many reasons why a DPF can get blocked, but the three main causes are clogged EGR valves (a result of poor routine maintenance), high mileage (remember the DPF is simply a filter that with high mileage, typically over 100,000, will just require a clean), low fuel level preventing automatic regeneration (regular use with under ¼ of a tank of fuel), failing fuel injectors or incorrect engine oil being used.

Yes, we want to be sure that after cleaning your DPF can have a long and functional life, ensuring that no underlying mechanical issues exist is really important.

Off Vehicle DPF Cleaning

Bring us your DPF and we will clean it for you

Simply drop off your DPF at our reception and we will clean it ASAP for you. We always supply the pre and post-clean readings that you can show to your customer.

Local collection is available at a charge, please call for availability (collection and delivery charge typically £12 )

Standard-sized DPFs: £ 239 + Vat

Long-sized DPFs: £279 + VAT

** NOTE TO ALL TRADE ** Currently, we aim for a 1 day turnaround time on all off-vehicle DPFs, but we can offer a speedy 1 hour while you wait DPF clean for £25 + VAT

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