If you have a DSG gearbox fault, please take a few minutes to read this whole page as it may save you £1000’s!

At CCM we love a DSG gearbox as we see so very many of them. For the sake of our readers, a DSG gearbox is the same as the Audi S Tronic gearbox.

First, lets looks at some common faults:

All these faults require specialist skills, tooling and diagnostic equipment to repair properly.

Most faults are associated with a failure of the mechatronics unit. This unit can be replaced with an exchange unit.

If you have already been scared senseless by your local VAG main dealer telling you that you need a complete gearbox, with a mechatronics unit and new clutch then take a breath… let’s be serious – it is really unlikely that all these components have failed at the same time. For us, the repair is focused on correct diagnostics and then on the cost-effective repair of the actual fault, rather than just throwing the kitchen sink at the problem!

If you have DSG issues then your first port of call is simply to book a gearbox diagnostic appraisal. From that, we will be able to give you an accurate picture of the faults and the costs to repair them. If you want to do some digging, take a look at our DSG Common Faults and Issues page.

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DSG Gearbox Things You Should Know

VW launched the DSG gearbox to offer a better solution to the traditional 3 or 4-speed automatic gearbox that was common at the DSG’s launch. It features a twin-clutch design that offers faster and simpler gear changing with a wider range of gears (6 speed at launch and now the more common DGS7 with 7 gears, since 2008).

The DSG7 features a twin dry clutch situated within the gearbox bell housing. These clutches, as with any clutch, are a ‘wear’ part and do consequently simply wear out. The wear of these clutches results in a failure to allow drive (despite the mechatronics unit successfully selecting a gear), and replacement of these clutches requires specialist tooling and should not be attempted by those not well-versed in this task. The gearbox will also require recalibration after clutch fitment which can only be conducted with correct diagnostic equipment… so do not cut corners!

This is a separate unit that can be removed from the main gearbox and is often the root cause of gearbox and drive issues.

The mechatronics unit deals with gear selection and is a complex unit with its own oil and its own Transmission Control Module (TCM). The unit contains its own oil supply (separate from the main gearbox) and includes slave cylinders, a pump and high-pressure accumulators, maintaining an oil pressure in excess of 40 bar (your car tyres might be a typical 2.2 bar).

A common fault is an ingress of Sulphur from the main gearbox causing degradation of the mechatronics unit and consequently penetrating the TCM, causing electrical faults which confuse the gear selection process. In this case, you need a replacement mechatronics unit and not a whole gearbox and mechatronics unit combined.

As mentioned above, the DSG still has a fairly conventional dry clutch assembly housed very tightly within the gearbox bell housing.

With high mileage or excessive towing or heavy loads, comes the need to change these clutch units. Correct diagnosis is important to carry out prior to changing a clutch as this is not an inconsiderable task and no one wants to find they have changed a clutch when the mechatronics unit was at fault!

CCM is one of the few garages that are approved and supply manufacturers level diagnostic equipment for VAG group vehicles in our area, allowing us to carry out VAG scans and diagnostic routines to correctly identify faults.

Importantly, this level of diagnostic capability also allows us to conduct software updates which are sometimes the solution to the gearbox or gear selection issues.

Scope of Work


DSG gearboxes are common across a multitude of VAG Group cars and light commercials.

Whether you drive a VW or a Skoda, an Audi or a Seat, the problems and the solutions are pretty much the same… for us, some
gearboxes are simply easier to get in and out of than others.

No matter which model you drive we are pretty sure that we will have seen the problem before, so don’t be afraid to call us and tell us about your problems.

What We Do

CCM are specialists in the service and repair of automatic gearboxes which includes all VAG Group DSG boxes.

Our in-house staff have the tooling – and most importantly the experience – to cater for all DSG-related diagnostics and repair on all uses of the DSG gearboxes.

If you are considering using a back street garage for DSG repair then please be cautious, as an incorrect repair will cause costly damage that may, in turn, result in nothing short of a replacement gearbox.

Always remember we are happy to chat for free.

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