At CCM we know Land Rover really well. The Jaguar – Land Rover marque is one of the key manufacturers for which we concentrate our training, equipment and diagnostic skills.

Examples of Land Rover Range Rover work we cover

For ALL Land Rovers and Range Rovers new and old we can help.

If you drive a brand new Range Rover and it needs its first service to dealer standards, with Online Service history updated by us in order to maintain your warranty, or you have a 50-year-old Land Rover – we can help.

Save yourself the wait and hassle of main dealer interaction and allow us to collect and return your car from your home or place of work.

Our workshop labour rates are typically at least £100 less than the main dealer so we can save you a considerable amount of money whilst giving a great service.

CCM uses dealer level diagnostic equipment alongside the latest AutoLogic platform to supply full diagnostic capability to our clients.

Autologic is a private company who were contracted to build and manage the diagnostic processes for Land Rover… so guess what…? Their Land Rover diagnostic equipment is unrivalled

Have you got a 3.0-litre diesel Land Rover or Range Rover? Then get your timing belt changed on time to avoid costly breakdowns.

These engines are vulnerable to serious and costly damage if their timing belts are not routinely changed.

The manufacturer’s guidance is every 7 years or 112K miles; this job is really common on all 3.0 SDV6 and TDV6 Land Rover Discovery 4s and Range Rover Sports from 2009 to 2015. The job includes a full timing belts kit, along with new idlers and really is important in protecting your investment.

Range Rovers are big heavy cars which means brake and tyre wear is a tad more aggressive than many lighter vehicles… but much more pleasing we think.

That said, CCM can offer a fast turn-around on brakes and tyres at all our sites, and don’t forget our labour rates are way below the main dealer!

You can choose from all makes and prices of tyres, and from genuine to OE to aftermarket braking parts… with CCM that choice is yours.

Standard in pretty much all Range Rovers since 1995, the airbag suspension helps ride quality and off-road capability.

A common fault on many Land Rover Discoveries and Range Rovers, the suspension airbags are a pretty routine task here at CCM. Slow leaks in airbags are not uncommon causing your air compressor to overwork and poor ride quality.

Other common problems are encountered with the air suspension ride height sensors and associated wiring, causing the vehicle to be stuck at one ride height, air compressor faults and valve block issues.

Don’t replace your DPF! First, make sure it is your DPF that has illuminated the DPF warning, and then let’s make sure we understand why you have faults. We can perform proper off-vehicle cleaning of your DPF and refit it – and we have the correct equipment to recalibrate it properly.

Sadly the forced regeneration by Land Rover Assist is not much more than a ‘band-aid’. So don’t have a main dealer brand new unit… come and see CCM for a proper diagnostic and a proper repair.

Land Rover and Range Rover extended warranties are administered by Car Care Plan, and as such, you as a warranty owner can opt to choose your warranty repair garage. This means you can choose CCM for all your Land Rover and Range Rover extended warranty repair work.

We will carry out the necessary diagnostic processes, allowing us to report directly to the warranty company and deal directly on your behalf.

Our in-depth knowledge of dealing with warranty companies, coupled with our product knowledge, allows us to negotiate the correct works and reclaim as much as possible of warranty repair costs on your behalf.

CCM is approved to log in and update your Land Rover Group service history on the official service history platform, which preserves your warranty cover and protects the value of your vehicle should you sell.

Visit our specialist website for more information about gearbox flushing here 

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For many customers this all comes down to a fast turnaround, CCM is faster!

From talking to many customers we know that main dealer turn-around times are based on their convenience and not on yours.
We offer free collection from your home or place of work for local customers and also offer free loan vehicles to keep you mobile whilst we repair or service your vehicle. Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you.

Models and Scope of Work

From old to new, CCM welcome all Land Rover and Range Rovers.

Our staff have been fixing them all their lives so they are all familiar to us.

If your 50-year-old soft top Land Rover needs a wheel bearing, or your 12-month-old Range Rover needs its first service then we are here to help.

As a company CCM service and MOT literally 100’s of vehicles each week.

Every week we will see jobs as simple as a courtesy check to someone’s oil level, to an engine rebuild. That is what we do so don’t be afraid to ask.

Why not try us, we certainly will do our best to help at a fair price.

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