Why should you have an oil and filter change?

Engine oil is needed to keep all the moving parts in your car lovely and lubricated. If they aren’t lubricated, they can’t move smoothly and will begin to wear and erode against each other filling your engine with metal particles. Not ideal.

Older cars used to be built with wider diameter oil ways the size of a hose pipe which easily allowed the oil to flow through. Newer cars are different and the oil pipes are much thinner, more like a McDonald’s straw than a hose pipe. This, obviously makes it more difficult for the oil to circulate and much easier for the pipes to become clogged.

Over time, your oil is going to become contaminated with water, carbon build-up, soot, and metal particles that will stick to the sides of the pipes. This is just a natural process and can’t be stopped but it can be fixed! If you picture all the diagrams you’ve seen of how eating fatty foods clogs up your arteries, this is the exact same thing for your car.

A poor flow of oil around your car creates premature engine wear and damage. Modern cars are built to be lightweight – their parts are not as strong meaning that the lubrication of parts is even more important.

What does this mean for me?

Put simply it means that regular oil changes are more important than ever before. Basically, if you don’t change the oil, you WILL kill your engine!

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Dirty oil filter from a BMW 316 showing the importance of regular oil changesBrand new mann oil filter at CCM

How often should you have an oil and filter change?

There are a few telltale signs that you are due an oil and filter change but as a rule of thumb, it was suggested to be done every 3,000 – 5,000 miles. With the development of synthetic oils, you can now get more miles in before an oil change. But, if you haven’t had one done in the last year or 9,000 miles we strongly recommend you get one done ASAP!

Each car is different, so if you are unsure your manual will be able to tell you more. Or if you want a quicker answer, just give us a call and we’ll be able to tell you when it’s due an oil change, and how much it will cost. We also offer a free oil check so just pop in and we can let you know.

How to know you are due an oil change?

  1. Check your oil level using your dipstick. Too little oil will mean your engine components are working harder than they need to, and too much oil will impact the performance of your car.
  2. Check the look of your oil. New oil is a lightish transparent brown colour. If it looks black and gloopy it’s definitely time for a change!
  3. If your dashboard oil replacement light has come on then it’s time to pay us a visit. Many modern cars will remind you when an oil and filter change is due. Note that this is different from the oil pressure light, which comes on to tell you there is an issue with your oil pressure. The oil replacement light does not need urgent attention, but the oil pressure light does. Driving with the oil pressure light on will result in engine damage.
  4. If your oil level keeps dropping even though you’ve just topped it up, it could be a leak.
  5. A louder and grumblier engine could also be a sign of the need for an oil change.

An oil change is a simple trick that will save your engine and £1000’s in repairs!

How much does an oil change cost?

An oil and filter change price varies depending on your vehicle but we can quickly price this up for you. If you allow your car to run without enough oil, you run the risk of serious engine damage. Come to us and we can drain out all the old contaminated oil and replace your oil filter for you.

If you use your car a lot and your mileage is racking up quicker than most drivers then you should consider coming in for an oil change earlier.

Fresh new Mann oil filter at CCM

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If you are ready to bring your car in, or just want to check when your oil change is due, you can do it here! Drop us a message or call our team and we can advise you. Our garages in Crawley, Ewhurst and Cranleigh are often able to fit in last-minute appointments so just get in touch and we’ll do our best to service you.

Don’t forget we can offer a free collection and delivery service. We’ll collect your car from your work or home, and then bring it back once the job is completed saving you the hassle!

Why choose CCM?

We’ve been in the repairs field for over 30 years now, so an oil and filter change is a simple run of the mill job for us. This really can give your car a new lease of life and costs much less than an engine rebuild!

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