Welcome to CCM Storage, your premier destination for secure and expansive storage solutions in Surrey. Our facility features a range of 20ft containers, each measuring 8ft in width, 8ft in height, and a spacious 20ft in length. This means you not only get storage but also room to organize and breathe.

Why choose CCM Storage? Our containers are more than steel structures; they’re fortresses for your belongings. Equipped with top-notch security measures, your items are safeguarded against the elements and potential risks. Whether you’re a business needing secure inventory storage or a homeowner in transition, our containers offer the perfect solution.

CCM Storage Units in Ewhurst

What Type of Storage Units Do You Have?

All our units are 20-foot steel shipping containers, they are 8 feet wide by 8 feet high and 20 feet deep. There is plenty of room in each of these for everything you could possibly need to store and more!

How Long Can I Occupy The Unit For?

Our minimum contract length is for one month. After that, you can stay here as long as you like. All we ask is that you give us a month’s notice before you leave.

Can I Get Access at Any Time To My Storage Unit?

Yes, you can. The yard is open during normal office hours, Monday to Friday from 8 am until 5 pm. If you need to make a visit outside of these hours, don’t worry. Upon signup, you will be provided with a unique keypad code to open the security gate and allow yourself in. Please just make sure you close the gate when leaving!

Is There Room to Unload Easily?

Absolutely. You can drive up in your car/van/lorry easily and unload all your items right outside your container door.

Do You Provide Racking Inside Your Units?

Yes of course! You can add a racking bundle into your unit too. See the official website here for more info on that. However, we have a stick of racking to suit almost all needs.

What Can I Store Here?

You can store pretty much anything here, but nothing bad or naughty, please! Everything stored here should belong to you and not be harmful liquids or dangerous flammable fluids. 

If you have something that you are unsure about, just ask and we’ll give you a straight answer. We don’t judge! And there’s no shame in asking. 

CCM Storage Units in Ewhurst
CCM Storage Units in Ewhurst

Are The Units Dry?

100% yes. If the items you are storing here are damp then we can also offer a dehumidifier to dry your unit, that way your stuff stays safe.

Are The Units Safe?

Yes, absolutely. They are incredibly secure and we take site security seriously too.

How Big are Your Storage Units Inside?

These units are whoppers. Measuring a massive 1162 cubic feet inside! That’s a whole lot of storage!

Are Padlocks Supplied?

Yes, and the choice is yours. You can bring your own padlock or we can supply you with one at no extra charge. 

How Many Keys Are Provided With The Padlocks?

We will give you up to three keys with each rental unit. That way, you and your family or staff can easily access the unit when you’re busy. 

Do You Charge For Lost Keys/Padlocks?

Unfortunately, yes we do have to charge for this. This is to cover the costs of us having to buy more to replace the lost ones. Replacement keys are charged at £25 each.