The CCM Leaders

Stuart White, Owner

“Top Technician of the Year 2010 winner”

Tina Drayson, Operations Manager

“Knowledge is a weapon, I intend to be armed”

Barry Babister, Owner


CCM is run by three incredible leaders – Barry, Stuart and Tina. Each with their own talents to bring to the table, the three of them have been working together at CCM for nearly 30 years now.

As well as our management team, there’s of course a dream team of technicians, front of house representatives and more making sure everything runs smoothly.


We understand that dropping your pride and joy off at a garage can be a nervy experience, especially when you don’t know who is behind the shutter doors so we’re here to shed some light on that, so let’s meet the team!

Stuart White

Time with CCM: 30+ years

Position: Owner

Winner of the Top Technician of the Year award in 2010, Stuart has a huge amount of expertise under his belt which is passed on to the rest of the team. His skillset steps up a level when it comes to complicated gearbox repairs which he specialises in. In his spare time, you can expect to find Stuart at the local rugby club either playing or coaching, or with his children at Moto X.

Barry Babister

Time with CCM: 30+ years

Position: Owner

From building to mechanics, there isn’t much that Barry can’t do. Many areas of the CCM office and workshop have been put together by him and he knows everything there is to know about MOT tests. When not working, you can expect to find Barry paramotoring off giant cliffs and mountains!

Tina Drayson

Time with CCM: 21 years

Position: Operations Manager

Tina’s role is a mixed bag, but her main priority is to make sure everything runs smoothly, as well as inspire the team to be the best they can be. With countless certifications in management, we have a great leader to look up to! Based on a farm in the Surrey countryside, Tina gets to enjoy the great outdoors with her now grown-up children and her ever-growing gang of spaniels.



We want to be responsible for our actions and be accountable for what we do. Our aim is to be positive and polite to each and every individual that crosses our path.


At CCM we will use all means of communication to ensure that everything is done in our power to maintain a positive and healthy relationship with our customers, suppliers and staff leading to a positive customer relationship


We will communicate with our customers, and with each other, to provide the best outcome in each and every possible scenario. We will strive to find enjoyment in going above and beyond our customers’ expectations.


We plan and prioritise our service, repair or MOT workload. We are aware that others have certain areas of expertise and need to ask for help when required. CCM are a team. We will cooperate with each other and be flexible to achieve your goals.


We are true to ourselves. We are aware that mistakes happen and will be open about them, learn from them and move forward with the knowledge that we did our best as a team. As a company, we strive for self-awareness and mindfulness of others.


Maintain a high standard. We will endeavour to keep ourselves, our workspace and surrounding area clean, tidy and organised. We will turn up to work looking smart and tidy, with pride in what we deliver to each other and our customers.


CCM technicians and support team continuously strive to educate and train ourselves in any way we can to enable us to improve our skills and processes.


We only give promises that we are prepared to keep. At CCM if we cannot deliver, we do not promise.

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