Campervans ready for servicing at CCM garages
Campervan with bonnet open for service at CCM garages


Camper vans are a huge investment and we at CCM completely understand that. Your Camper Van is your gateway to endless travel and adventure so you need to be able to completely rely on it without worrying that you may breakdown at any given time. No one wants to spend their holidays worrying that their Camper Van isn’t mechanically sound!

At CCM, we have the facilities and the skilled mechanics to deal with all of your Camper Van servicing and Camper Van MOT requirements. Our sites at Cranleigh, Ewhurst and Gatwick can all cater for the sheer size of Camper Vans up to 5 tonnes.

Our Camper Van services include (but are not limited to):

  • Annual MOT inspections
  • Routine servicing
  • Cambelts
  • Clutches and gearbox issues
  • Electronic engine wiring
  • Brakes and axle issues
  • Camper van MOT repairs & welding
  • Under seal and Waxoil protection

Really, we can cater for any of your needs.

Campervan Repairs on Ramp at CCM Garage

Whatever repairs you need, we can cover! If we haven’t listed the specific job above please don’t worry, just give our team a call and we can discuss your personal requirements and put together a no-obligation quote for you.

Unlike some other garages, we are equipped for a fast turnaround. Our long history of vehicle repair means that we have the tools and skills on-site for most issues.


Camper van MOT £55
Camper van full brake service £132
Fiat / Peugeot / Ford diesel basic annual service £162
Waxoil underseal £165

To find out more just give us a call, or complete an online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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As you know, Campers come in all shapes and sizes and we are able to cater for all!

The most common Camper Vans we see coming in are the Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Ford Transit, with a good sprinkling of Volkswagens. But don’t let that put you off – we really do cater for all makes and models!

As we routinely service van and minibus fleets for local schools and businesses, the mechanical needs of such big vehicles are second nature to us.

What we always say is please don’t take such a big investment of yours for granted, and don’t put your trust in a company that doesn’t fully understand the needs of Camper Vans! At CCM we have been servicing, repairing and performing MOTs on Campers for years so you can trust us as your new Camper Van experts.

  • Ford

  • Peugeot

  • Renault

  • Fiat

  • Hymer

  • Mercedes

  • Vauxhall

  • Volkswagen

  • Citroen

At CCM we typically service and MOT between 6 and 20 Camper Vans per week so it really is the norm for us. Because of this, our yards are usually sporting one or two Campers at a time and our technicians are not afraid!

The lions share of the work we see come to us because are one of the few companies with the facilities available to properly cope with the size of these vehicles.

Don’t worry if you aren’t in our immediate area, we have plenty of complimentary loan cars that you can borrow while we work our magic on your camper. If you are happy to wait on-site while we do the work, you are welcome to use our free Wi-Fi, and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee to pass the time.

Most clients see us annually for their MOT test and leave their vehicle with us so we can also conduct their annual engine service, carry out a brake service and take care of any niggles or fixes they may need from us.

  • Camper van engine bay service

  • Camper van tyres, brakes and suspension repairs

  • Camper van cam belts and major servicing

  • Camper van engine diagnostics and electrics

  • Camper van MOTs

  • Camper van storage

  • Camper van air conditioning service and recharge


As well as all your routine servicing and repairs, we are able to provide you with a secure, locked location to store your camper van whilst not in use. We have found this to be incredibly helpful to owners with limited space at home to store their vehicles. This is also a great way to put your mind at ease knowing that your pride and joy isn’t at risk of theft or damage. With motorhome sales on the rise, so too is the risk of theft according to

When you leave your vehicle with us, if you let us know when you will be ‘checking out’ we can offer you a free vehicle health check to ensure that everything is in tip-top condition ready for your next adventure. We can also pre-book your MOT and servicing, and take payment over the phone so you don’t even have to leave your home! Our secure Gatwick location is based just outside of Crawley and is a short 5-mile drive to get onto the M23.

All of our Camper Van storage prices are based on the length of your vehicle and you can see a breakdown below.


Up to 5m £50 p/m + VAT
Up to 6m £55 p/m + VAT
Up to 7m £65 p/m + VAT
7m and above £75 p/m + VAT

Please note:

– We will need your keys or a spare set in case we need to move your camper whilst with us

– Collections must be on weekdays and we require at least 24 hour’s notice prior to collection

– On drop-off, we must receive the full payment for the rent of your campervan. In some cases, we are able to receive monthly payments but we don’t recommend this.

For more information, or to receive a personalised quote, please contact to discuss your needs.

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