Campervans are a huge investment and we at CCM completely understand that. Your campervan is your gateway to endless travel and adventure so you need to be able to completely rely on it. Having the worry that it may break down at any given time just won’t do. No one wants to spend their holidays worrying that their campervan isn’t mechanically sound!

At CCM, we have the facilities and the skilled mechanics to deal with all of your campervan and motorhome habitation checks, servicing and MOT requirements. Our sites at Cranleigh, Ewhurst and Gatwick can all cater for the sheer size of campervans up to 5 tonnes.

New Investment in Tools

It’s no surprise to us that campervan sales in 2020 – 2021 are up 8% since the previous year. Our teams are busier than ever with campervan work so we knew we had to invest in more tools. As a huge portion of the campers we see are Fiat, we have just invested in a new Fiat manufacturer diagnostic kit. This ensures that we are able to see all the information that the main dealer can see when performing diagnostic tests.

Please note: a pass-through charge of £75 is added whenever this tool is used

Campervan Services Include:

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