The History of MOT Testing | CCM Blog

The History of MOT Testing

MOT testing is something that all drivers know we need each year, but have you ever wondered why or how this test came about? What’s included in an MOT and what does MOT even mean? So many questions arise once you start to think about it so we’re here to clear some things up for…

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The 10 Most Common MOT Failures | CCM Blog

The 10 Most Common MOT Failures

MOT failures are something most of us drivers have experienced at one time in our lives. Every year we put our vehicle through its annual MOT, and around 30% of vehicles fail their test on the first attempt. The most common failure items include issues with your lights, suspension and brakes, but there are some…

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What is checked on an MOT test CCM Blog

What is Checked in an MOT Test?

Realising that your MOT test is due can be a bit of a pain, but this is a government-enforced test that ensures all the vehicles on our roads meet road safety and environmental standards. Here, we will answer the most frequently asked MOT questions, and explain the whole MOT test procedure. Knowing how MOTs work…

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