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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drive with Bad Brakes

Let’s face it, nothing screams “awkward” quite like pulling up to the traffic lights with your brakes squealing louder than a teenager at a Harry Styles concert. But beyond the embarrassment, faulty brakes can lead to some pretty serious issues. According to a report from 2019 by the Department for Transport, malfunctioning brake parts contributed…

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How to Lower Driving Costs | CCM Blog

How to Lower Your Driving Costs

The cost of living crisis is affecting us all, with prices of the every rising faster than before. Unfortunately, owning a car is an expensive yet essential element of modern life with annual costs easily running into the £1,000s. Even with the lowest cost cars to run, with insurance, tax, mot, servicing, parking, repairs and…

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Gearbox Flushing Most Common FAQs Answered | CCM Blog

Gearbox Flushing Most Common FAQs

Our gearbox flush service is becoming more and more popular so we thought it would be worthwhile sharing why this process is so important. Gearboxes are complex, and we don’t expect our customers to understand every element of them. What we do want to do is share our knowledge to educate drivers about their vehicles,…

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