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Increase Gross Vehicle Weight of Class 7 to 5 Ton

Currently, the weight limit for a class 7 MOT is between 3,000kg and 3,500kg. This class applies to commercial vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit for example. Vehicles this big are often used by traders like builders, or delivery personnel so the loads they are carrying are heavy.

The issue we are wanting to fix comes with electric vans. These batteries can weigh up to a ton so they instantly increase the weight of the van. Thus, reducing the payload that it can carry and what MOT class it should be registered under.

What Can We Do To Fix The Weight Limit Issue?

We are requesting the government allow the DVSA to increase the weight of Class 7 MOTs up to 5 tons. This applies to vehicles registered after 2022, for existing and new class 7  properly equipped MOT bays. You can sign the petition to change the weight limits here.

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common and we are seeing an increase in electric vans in MOT stations. Because of the extremely heavy batteries, they are only capable of a nominal payload compared to your standard combustion engine vans.

Allowing the vans to be tested for a 5-ton weight limit would help to identify issues during an MOT. This will ultimately increase road safety across the country. We believe that the current framework set up for HGV testing would not be able to cope with such a big increase in demand in testing volume if these vans were pushed into the HGV category.

We’re hoping with your help, we can make a change.

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