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Change MOT Testing Rules to Require Hybrids to Have Emissions Testing

Are emissions on hybrid vehicles an issue? The simple answer is yes. There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to hybrids and mild hybrids. The majority of drivers don’t fully understand the meaning of each and how it actually works.

Currently, all hybrid vehicles don’t require emissions testing during their annual MOT however, we don’t think this is right.

Why We Think Hybrids Should Be Tested On Emissions

Firstly, it’s important to understand how hybrid vehicles work. Hybrids have two power sources. A classic internal combustion engine, as well as an electronic battery with a motor. For slow speeds like queuing in traffic or driving slowly around the supermarket car park, you will use the electric motor. As soon as you put your foot down and travel at higher speeds, you’ll be just like the majority of vehicles using either a petrol or diesel combustion engine. Internal combustion engines do give off emissions – so why are hybrids not being tested during MOT tests to see if their emissions are within regulations? Well, that’s something we want to change.

How Can We Get Emissions Testing on Hybrids?

We have created a petition to get the government to look into this. You can sign the petition here. We hope that by getting this to parliament they can activate changes to lower pollution and create a cleaner environment. Currently, there are over a million hybrids across the UK and it’s more likely than not that they spend most of their time running on the combustion engine.

What Is Stopping MOT Testers From Testing Hybrid Emissions?

Honestly, not a lot. It’s not a requirement for MOTs yet because the DVSA didn’t think it was possible. MOT stations already have all the equipment to perform the emission tests, it just needs to be put into the MOT handbook as something that does need testing.

Allowing hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles to continue driving around completely unchecked will not match up with the government’s low emissions plans for a cleaner air future.

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