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Buckled Wheel – Causes & Solutions

If like us, you live in the Surrey and West Sussex area then you’ll know that our roads aren’t the best. Potholes are rife, unfortunately, and we see a lot of customers coming in who have just hit one that bit too hard.

Interestingly, the most common makes we see with wheel issues are BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar Land Rover. Why? Because a lot of these cars come with giant wheels! The bigger the wheels, the less rubber protecting them meaning the risk of a buckle or crack is bound to increase.

You might think you can ignore a damaged wheel but we would strongly recommend against it. A buckled wheel can affect your suspension, steering, and tyre wear and can cause irreparable damage to these components if not sorted soon enough.

How to spot a buckled wheel?

There are four main tell-tale signs that you have issues with your wheel:

1. Your tyres keep deflating

The wheel is designed to fit perfectly flush against the tyre so when the wheel is bent, air can start leaking out or the wheel could press against the rubber and cause a flat. If you have noticed that you are needing to top up the tyre pressure every few days or weeks, it could be a slow leak that will need looking at urgently. Slow leaks leave you at serious risk of a blowout!

2. You can see the damage to your wheel

You can usually see the damage to a wheel unless large hubcaps are blocking your view. If you can, remove the hubcaps and have a look around to see if you can spot any misshapen or damaged areas. If there is, then you will need to book in to get it either straightened or replaced.

3. Your car’s handling feels different or ‘off’

If you start to notice a sort of ‘loose’ feeling, or like you aren’t completely in control of your steering it might be because of a buckled alloy.

4. You can feel vibration when steering

This is usually the most telling sign that a rim has been bent or buckled as the vibration travels from the damaged wheel up the steering column. This is because the uneven rim is ‘jolting’ as it hits the road. If you can feel vibration in your steering column, this could be a sign that one of the front wheels are buckled. If you feel the vibration in your seat or towards the rear of the vehicle this could be a warning sign that one of your back wheels are buckled.

Buckled Wheel Before and After Comparison CCM Blog
Buckled Audi Wheel Before and After Comparison

How are buckled wheels repaired?

Firstly, we need to take your wheel off and then remove the tyre to get clear access to the damaged wheel. Using the leading European wheel straightening machine, we can ensure that you get a structurally solid and professional repair to your buckled wheel. Our machines work by combining hydraulic-assisted straightening rams and dial gauge accuracy with heat. This allows us to manipulate the alloy back into the desired shape.

Are buckled wheels dangerous?

Yes, and they need to be fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Your main concern should be that a buckled rim could lead to a tyre blowout, and reduce your handling and your control of the vehicle. As soon as you spot any damage to your wheel you need to get in touch with our team.

Will a buckled wheel fail the MOT test?

Yes, you will fail your MOT if you have a buckled wheel. Luckily, we can get a buckled wheel straightened out and back on your car within the hour. So if you have left your MOT until the last minute, we can make sure this is fixed first.

Is it safe to drive with a buckled wheel?

No, definitely not. As we’ve mentioned previously, buckled wheels can cause damage to your steering, and handling, cause flat tyres and could even lead to a tyre blowout. Make sure you get yours fixed as soon as you notice it. You can learn more about our wheel repairs on our sister site here.

How can I get my buckled wheel repaired?

These aren’t the kind of repairs that your friends can do in their garage. We have spent thousands on top-spec machinery to make sure we can provide you with the best fix. We can usually get quick repairs like this booked on the same day too. Our Gatwick branch specialises in wheel repairs, so call our team or fill in the contact form to book online. Repairs only take around one hour to complete but we have a cosy waiting room with free tea, coffee and Wi-Fi for you to use while you wait.

Get in touch to book your buckled wheel repair today!

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