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9 Out Of 10 Say Modern Headlights Are Too Bright

A recent report, chaired by Baroness Hayter and featuring input from experts such as IAM RoadSmart, the RAC, and lighting charity LightAware, has shed light on the dangers posed by ultra-bright modern car headlights. Titled ‘Modern Vehicle Headlights Dazzle Drivers and May Compromise Road Safety,’ the report highlights the risks faced by motorists, with some…

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Potholes Are On the Rise Across the Country | CCM Help

Potholes Are On The Rise

The annual potholes report The Department for Transport (DfT) has just released a new report on the condition of our roads and unfortunately, it’s not good news. The annual report shows that over the last two years, there has been no improvement in potholes on Britain’s roads. The annual report looks at key information on…

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CCM At The Top Garage Awards 2022 | CCM Blog

CCM at The Top Garage Awards 2022

Once again, we made it to the finals of the Top Garage Awards 2022. This time, we were finalists in the Multi-Site of the Year category. After filling out many forms and questionnaires explaining our business, why we do what we do and our financials it was on to the final stages. Stuart our owner…

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The History of MOT Testing | CCM Blog

The History of MOT Testing

MOT testing is something that all drivers know we need each year, but have you ever wondered why or how this test came about? What’s included in an MOT and what does MOT even mean? So many questions arise once you start to think about it so we’re here to clear some things up for…

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