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9 Out Of 10 Say Modern Headlights Are Too Bright

A recent report, chaired by Baroness Hayter and featuring input from experts such as IAM RoadSmart, the RAC, and lighting charity LightAware, has shed light on the dangers posed by ultra-bright modern car headlights. Titled ‘Modern Vehicle Headlights Dazzle Drivers and May Compromise Road Safety,’ the report highlights the risks faced by motorists, with some…

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New Qualifications for Team CCM | CCM Blog

New Qualifications for The CCM Team 🏆

At the heart of our business beats the collective strength of our exceptional team – the driving force behind our success. Recognizing their pivotal role, we prioritize the continuous growth and development of our employees through extensive training programs. Why do we invest in this? Simply put, we believe in harnessing the individual skills each…

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CCM celebrates 30 years of success blog post

CCM Celebrates 30 Years in Business

On Friday the 9th of June, all CCM teams joined together to celebrate 30 years of success. Originally opening back in 1993, CCM has officially hit 30 years. In this time, we’ve opened two additional sites in Crawley and Cranleigh, we’ve raised families, we’ve supported local events and much more. For this occasion, we brought…

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