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Originally, the Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7 was a joint venture by VAG to build an off-road sports utility vehicle. The Touareg became the most popular version as it was more affordable as both new and second-hand. Although they have different badges on the front, they both use the exact same driveline and therefore, the same propshaft.

If your Volkswagen Touareg’s propshaft is not performing correctly you will know because of the noise.

Why do Volkswagen Touareg Propshafts fail?

These issues first started to come into our workshop around 2008. Some of the vehicles had as low as 50,000 miles on the clock before the propshaft failed. Which of course wasn’t ideal for the customer especially when you’ve purchased a car of such a high marque. We’d argue that this fault is standard to the Touareg and Audi Q7 and that the manufacturers have made a pretty good part, but unfortunately just fell short of the longevity expected. The most common issue is that the main carrier bearing simply is not strong enough for its application and goes kaput at around the 50 – 70,000 mile mark.

Propshaft noises and possible causes to be aware of:

A clunking or thumping sound

You’ll most likely hear these when you accelerate or decelerate which could be the centre propshaft bearing diaphragm rubbing against the propshaft. When this breaks, the centre bearing support allows the propshaft to vibrate when changing gear. This noise created by the movement of the propshaft can be alarming and cause discomfort whilst driving. This type of failure of the Touareg propshaft is among the most common failures.

Whirring sounds

Whirring sounds from the driveshaft can be created by dry and eroded propshaft bearings. As these units turn complete revolutions, they will usually have a different sound compared to a faulty centre support bearing damper. A high pitched consistent whining noise will normally be traceable to a faulty, broken or eroded support bearing.

Crunching and squealing noises

This noise could be a sign of a failed CV joint. These joints become very dry and cause the rollers to grind down to nothing. If these are left unlubricated, damaged rollers produce a grinding or squeaking noise as they connect to the scored cap and cross surface.

Two technicians under a vehicle installing a propshaft

Volkswagen Touareg Propshaft Types

There are only 2 different-sized shafts – long and short. The measurements need to be taken by measuring the shorter section of the propshaft and this measurement needs to be done once the propshaft has been removed from the vehicle. Measure from the inside edge of the bearing to the inside edge of the rear mounting spider. Once you’ve done this, you’ll know if you have a long or short shaft.

Short shaft – 22cm from inside edge of bearing to inside edge of rear spider

Long shaft – 27cm from inside edge of bearing to inside edge of rear spider

Porsche propshaft short shaft

Solving the Volkswagen Touareg Faulty Propshaft Issue

Replacing propshafts is a well-trodden path for us at CCM as we have seen so very many of them over the years. Please be aware that this is a specialist service and you don’t want just anyone dismantling your propshaft.

At our Gatwick site, we have stock of long and short remanufactured propshafts for Touareg variants and can generally fit them while you wait. The replacement service takes around 2-3 hours so you can either wait on-site or borrow a free loan car for the day.

Volkswagen Touareg Propshaft Postal Service

If you’re in need of a Volkswagen Touareg propshaft but live too far away from us, don’t worry! We offer a postal service so we can help customers all around the country.

Find yourself a local garage you trust and ask them to remove your propshaft in a whole complete section. Get your prop packaged up and posted to our Gatwick address – when you speak to our team to book this in, we will provide all the details on how to post this to us.

Once we’ve got your propshaft on site, we strive to replace it on the same day so it can be on its way back to you the next working day. You can then ask your local garage to refit the prop for you. As a rough guide for you, your local garage team should charge you for up to 3 hours for the removal and refit of your prop.

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