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What It’s Like Working for CCM

Let’s look at this from a real employee’s perspective: meet Hannah, our newly appointed marketer.

Working for CCM is like being welcomed into a new, slightly mad but incredibly enjoyable family. Coming from an employee who started just five months ago at the time of writing this – I can honestly say that leaving my last job was the best decision I have ever made and I am so pleased that I managed to find CCM!

Let me set the scene… I worked for one of those companies that is focused solely on how much money is coming in with no care for how we got there. The department I worked in was incredibly busy as when a team member left, that role was then picked up by the rest of the team as it was cheaper than hiring a replacement. I felt underappreciated, stressed, overworked and underpaid. Something that I imagine a lot of people can sadly relate to in this day and age. Employees are far too often seen only as employees, and not actual humans with real-life issues and priorities outside of the 9-5 working hours.
I was forced into managing another department on top of what I was already doing, but no pay rise. I worked overtime most nights and weekends, often the last person there to lock up the building, but I was never given any thanks for that. They pushed me into another role that I knew nothing about, they didn’t provide me with any training and then screamed in my face when things didn’t go 100% to plan. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Luckily, I happened across a job advert for CCM and applied straight away, desperate to leave my current company.

Fast forward a few weeks and Barry one of the owners contacted me to say “Congratulations! The job is yours; we can’t wait for you to join our team!”. I was dumbfounded. Although I hated my awful job for many years, I was still so nervous to leave. The stress, raging managers and zero respect were something I had become accustomed to. I knew what to expect at this company, and would the new job be any different? Should I risk this ‘safe’ job that I have been at for nearly 10 years? What if I’m no good at the new role or if I don’t fit in with the team? All these worries ran through my head and it took me at least a week to finally pluck up the courage to take the risk and accept the job offer.

In that week my old manager suddenly became my best friend, offering me the world and drowning me in flattery to ensure that I would stay. More money, more flexibility and sharing out my responsibilities with other team members to reduce my workload. It all sounded lovely, but I knew deep down that it wouldn’t last and soon things would be back to the same old rubbish. I had seen them do it to other team members before – promise everything and deliver nothing.

I’d officially had enough. I told them I was done and it was elating!

Genuinely, I didn’t think I would enjoy this job as much as I do. Everyone across our locations is so welcoming and understanding and each team member is passionate to make us the best garage in the area. There’s a strong support network when you need it, and also some hilarious WhatsApp group chats that keep us all connected and in the loop.

This isn’t your average workplace – CCM strives to create an enjoyable and respectful work environment. Our Operations Manager Tina wrote an article that was featured in aftermarketonline showcasing how important company culture is in the garage world. This is set into the DNA of the company and it makes working here a joy. You can see more about the company mission and values on the About CCM page, or meet your possible future work colleagues on our meet the team page. As I joined in the summer of 2020, I’ve seen the team in some of the busiest months they’ve had in years thanks to the MOT exemption created in the first lockdown. And still, they have all been kind, courteous and helpful whenever I have come to them with a query.

I have been praised multiple times for my work here, sometimes face-to-face and sometimes over email or WhatsApp. However it comes, I always feel a little stunned as it is not something I have experienced before. I am respected and my development and growth within the business is encouraged by all. I already have a new qualification framed on my desk from a course I completed and I feel that there is so much more for me to learn. There’s no glass ceiling and I am excited to really make a difference here.

My overall advice to anyone reading this would be to take the risk! I had become so used to being treated like rubbish at work that I didn’t realise my own worth. You know where your talents are and you know you deserve respect so don’t settle for anything less. Holiday requests shouldn’t be snarled at, you should be praised for your hard work and you should be earning what you are worth. Working for a company that is genuinely invested in my growth is simply fantastic. They understand that I am a real person who has a life outside of work and they respect that. I’m no longer made to feel guilty for requesting the odd day off here and there, or for being half an hour late for needing to go to a doctor’s appointment.

Not only has my work life had a complete turn-around, but friends and family have noticed a difference in me outside of work hours. I’m more open, happy and generally content with where I am in life. Finally, my career is growing, I am making a positive impact and can see my skills developing each day. It’s so easy to allow employers to walk all over you, demand more than you can offer and make you dread going to work each day. I still don’t look forward to Monday mornings (who does?!) but at least I’m not filled with dread every Sunday night like I used to be.

Make a change for yourself and join a company that will genuinely respect you and invest in your talents.

You can see all the job vacancies on our careers page but if there isn’t anything there that suits your skillset, don’t worry. Drop us a message with your CV and explain what you are looking for. We are always happy to have a discussion!

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