VAG Diagnostics at CCM Garages
VAG Diagnostics at CCM Garages


At CCM, we can perform technical diagnosis of all vehicle makes and models so if you are having any technical issues give our team a call and we can help you out! Although we can care for all cars, one area that we specialise in is VAG.

Vehicles in the VAG group require specialist diagnostic tools that are only available to the main dealers and exceptional independents. If you are having issues with your Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Škoda or Bentley, then our specialist dealer level diagnostics can get your vehicle back in working order.

What is VAG ODIS Diagnostics?

You may have heard of VAG or ODIS Diagnostics before without fully knowing what it is, or why you have been told that it will help fix your car. Don’t worry as we are here to help. VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) is the car group that consists of Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, Škoda and Bentley. ODIS is an acronym for Offboard Diagnosis Information System and it is the software that main dealer garages use.

If your car is any of the makes above and was registered in or after 2014, then it is compatible with ODIS technology. If not, don’t worry, we have the diagnostics tools for all makes and models, but ODIS diagnostics is solely for VAG. This is designed to make the diagnostics and repairs easier for technicians, as ODIS links directly with the manufacturer’s database in Germany. Once connected, the technicians can easily access new software updates, reset service indicators, interpret fault codes, get detailed information on repairs and much more.

A diagnostics test should only take a couple of minutes to complete. Every test starts with the technician plugging in a diagnostic scanner to read any error codes which indicates where the problem is. We can then do more investigative work into that area to get more understanding of the issue, and what fix is required.

As modern cars evolve, so too does their software meaning we at CCM need to ensure we are constantly able to see the latest and most accurate information. ODIS makes this possible for us. We can get instant access to the latest Technical Service Bulletins and Electronic Repair and Workshop Information, direct from the VAG headquarters. This kind of technology is usually only reserved for main dealers however, we have proven ourselves to be another league of independent garage, so we now have all the main dealer capabilities, but at a fraction of the price.

When Will I Need to Use VAG ODIS?

There are many reasons why we would want to connect to our diagnostic system. A common issue we see with Volkswagens, for example, is where the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) module fails, causing the brakes to lock up making the car skid across the road in a braking emergency. All you would need to do to get this fixed would be to bring this to us, then we can connect to the database using ODIS and see a guide direct from VAG on what may have caused the issue initially, and how to fix it. Simple!

The list of things we can do with ODIS really is endless. Basically, any fault with a car under the VAG can be assessed and repaired using ODIS.

Give us a call to book in an appraisal, or complete an online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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ODIS Software Updates and Adaptions

As you might expect, car manufacturers can’t predict every future problem that their vehicles might encounter. Small bugs and errors can appear in the software over time which will then impact the car’s performance and functionality.

This is why the manufacturers release so many software updates – to ensure that as soon a bug is found, all garages using ODIS can see the fault and know how to repair it.

With this in mind, our teams know that when a customer visits us with a fault, we should be checking for the latest software updates and notifications from VAG first and foremost.

VAG Component Protection

The component protection links with an online database at VAG headquarters to track each individual part and which vehicle it is connected to. Think of it as an invisible padlock, keeping your car and its parts linked together. The connection is made in the factory on the production line and continues for the entire lifespan of your car. If you have any parts that need replacing, the new parts will be coded with ODIS too.

The second great thing about the Component Protection is that it protects you and others against car and component theft. Once a theft has been reported, the database adds a warning to the car and each part to ensure that they can’t be coded to any other vehicles.

Lost your keys? Not a problem with VAG Key Coding!

Usually, you would need to go back to the main dealer to get a replacement key for your vehicle but not anymore. We are able to supply and code genuine new keys, sent directly from VAG to connect with your car.

The keys will be created and coded at their headquarters in Germany and then shipped to us. Once they arrive, we are able to connect to their servers using ODIS to complete the coding and allow you to use your key once again.

Why choose CCM?

VAG don’t just give this system to anyone, they need to be seen as a trustworthy and talented garage before being allowed this equipment. Whether a warning light has just appeared on your Audi TT dash, or if your SEAT Leon is making a funny noise, our expert team are here to help you get your vehicle back safely on the road.

We are one of a few independent garages in Surrey and Sussex to offer full dealer level ODIS technology to our customers. As a team, we are dedicated to continued growth and development, making sure that we are always investing in the latest technician training and tools. With over 30 years of experience in our field, we have earned our reputation as a reliable and skilled garage group in Surrey and Sussex.

VAG Diagnostics at CCM Garages

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