Servicing your car can be a confusing task. Service intervals are all different and can be described in many varieties; Basic Service, Interim Service, Full Service, Major Service… the list goes on!

At CCM, we give you two options:

Option 1: we use your manufacturer’s database to find what they suggest your car needs for its current age and mileage (recommended)

Option 2: you choose a service level from our plan below

For option 2, simply go through the 3 easy steps below to learn which service is best suited for you.

Step 1: Which level does your vehicle fall into?

Level 1
Level 2 Level 3 Level 4*
499cc - 1,099cc
1,100cc - 1,899cc
1,900cc - 2,399cc
2,400cc +

*If your vehicle is still within warranty or 2,400cc +, your quote will need to be created personally due to the specification of oil and parts.

Step 2: How much will it cost?

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Step 3: Which items would you like changed and checked within your service?

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Check starter motor operation
Check and report instrument/warning lamps
Check horn operation
Add motor flush and fuel conditioner
Check all exterior lights
Check all wiper blades and fluid
Check and top up all under bonnet levels
Carry out anti-freeze strength test and report
Carry out brake fluid test and report
Check and report condition/pressures of all tyres including spare
Visual brake inspection
Replace engine oil, oil filter, sump plug*
Carry out road test
Parking brake and foot brake travel
Reset service indicator
Stamp/update service book
Check and lubricate catches  
Check condition of number plates, exterior mirrors and trims  
Check fuel cap  
Check radiator and cooling fan condition  
Check clutch and hydraulic fluid  
Check calipers and cylinders  
Check front and rear wheel bearings  
Check for engine oil leaks  
Check auxiliary belt and tension  
Check exhaust system and mountings  
Check for gearbox oil leaks  
Check underbody pipes and hoses  
Check suspension components  
Check steering components  
Replace pollen/cabin filter  
Check operation of air conditioning  
Check and report timing belt intervals  
Body inspection    
Check engine and gearbox mounts    
Strip clean and adjust brakes**    
Replace air filter    
Replace fuel filter    
Replace spark plugs (if petrol vehicle)***    
Fault code read and report    
Check sunroof and guide rails      
Carry out battery and alternator checks      
Carry out brake fluid change      

*Extra charge for high performance/specialist oils

**Additional 0.4hrs labour for drum brakes: £33.60 inc. VAT

***Extra charge for platinum spark plugs

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